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An athletic, thin, and attractive 27-year-old woman requested breast augmentation to enhance her size and shape. She had considered breast implants for many years because she had very little natural breast development. She was also concerned about a lack of cleavage and was afraid her breasts would be too far apart after surgery. At the time of her breast augmentation, she was 5 feet 8 inches and 138 pounds.

Her examination demonstrated mild asymmetry between the breasts. She chose to use saline breast implants. During surgery, 400 cc of saline was placed in a high profile breast implant on the right and 415 cc of saline on the left side. A pocket was created as far as the pectoral muscle would allow without disrupting the muscle attachments over the sternum which resulted in very nice cleavage, symmetry and roundness. Her breast width is not too much for her body and instead, the shape complements her proportions nicely as you can see on her before and after breast implants photos taken two months from surgery.


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