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This energetic 40-year-old woman had experienced pretty severe breast deflation and loss of volume. At the time, she was wearing a 32A cup, but had been bigger in the past. Although she hinted at wanting a natural result, she also wanted the upper part of the breast to be very round and look a little fake. She requested a full 32D cup and improved cleavage. Her consultation revealed asymmetry of the breasts and chest, including scoliosis with right breast slightly lower than the left. She has a tiny frame at 5 feet 1 inches tall and 105 pounds.

Silicone breast implants were used because these always result in the best cosmetic outcome in thin and deflated patients. Large 475 cc high profile silicone breast implants were placed in each breast. A pocket was created to improve her cleavage dramatically, but importantly, did not widen her breast. She still wears a 32 bra, which was a big priority for her, but is now a very confident 32D plus cup. Despite her scoliosis and shoulder asymmetry, she has nice symmetry of her breasts.


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