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Here is a nice lady, 40 years old from Phoenix, Arizona who presented to our Scottsdale, Arizona medical practice. At the time, she had an interest in a mommy makeover. She had been thinking about breast augmentation and tummy tuck since the birth of her last child. Based on her request for a restoration of her pre-pregnancy body, I recommended a mommy makeover. My patient had done a lot of research and requested we use Mentor’s MemoryGel Cohesive Silicone breast implants placed under the muscles for her breast augmentation. She wanted the softness and natural feel that silicone implants could deliver. Before surgery, she was wearing a B cup bra and she was very confident she wanted to be a full C cup and no bigger after breast surgery. She also requested that we make her look as natural as possible. At the time of surgery, she was in good health, 5 feet 5 inches tall, and weighed 120 pounds. Her biggest concern with her tummy was the weakness in the abdominal muscles. She was concerned about some looseness in the skin and some stretch marks that resulted from pregnancy. She wished to improve her physical appearance by increasing the fullness of her breasts and tightening her tummy with a mommy makeover. I performed breast augmentation surgery using 375 cc moderate-plus silicone gel filled breast implants placed via a crease incision. A tummy tuck was performed using my very low incision technique and the abdominal muscles were appropriately tightened. Because she was in such good shape no lipo was required. A pain reducing pump was placed and she remained overnight at the plastic surgery recovery center for greater comfort. She made an excellent recovery after her mommy makeover. She has told me that she has been able to maintain her active lifestyle, but feels more confident about the way she looks.


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