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In here we have a very pleasant young lady, 29 years old from Sierra Vista, Arizona who requested a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. She decided to travel to my medical office located in Scottsdale, Arizona for a plastic surgery consultation. During the visit, we sat down and discussed her desire for a bigger breast cup and a tight tummy. Her priority was her tummy. She wanted me to remove, as best as possible, all of the stretch marks. She also wanted to go from a B cup to a D cup. She had cosmetic surgery performed at a local Arizona plastic surgery center and went home to recover nicely. During the operation, a tummy tuck was performed and the tummy muscles were tightened. Breast augmentation was performed to complete her mommy makeover type 1. In each breast, we placed a 450 cc moderate plus breast implant under the pectoral muscle using a crease incision. She is shown 1 year since the surgery in her before and after photos. She told me at her last visit that her D cup breasts have given her a boost in confidence, while the tummy has really rejuvenated her body. She actually feels like she has the body she used to have before kids.


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