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A nice and sweet 36 year old woman from Phoenix, Arizona wanted a tummy tuck procedure to complement the rest of her body. She had developed an interest in tummy tuck surgery for the past four years and more recently she became interested in liposuction and buttock enhancement. We formulated a plan for our popular Scottsdale mommy makeover. Before having surgery, she complained of having a fatty tummy with a "pooch" and loose skin. She weighed in at 155 pounds and measured at 5 feet and 5 inches. During the mommy makeover surgery, I removed 855 grams of skin and fat with the tummy tuck. I used power assisted liposuction, an advanced technique which allows for a faster recovery, to obtain 3.65 liters of unwanted fat from her body. The vast majority of the fat was injected into her buttocks. With the mommy makeover surgery, we successfully tightened her tummy and reduced her waistline as seen in the tummy tuck photos shown six months after her surgery.


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