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A nice 38 year old who requested a tummy tuck surgery to accompany the rest of her mommy makeover. When she came in for a consult at my plastic surgery office in north Scottsdale, she requested I flatten out her tummy, reduce the extra fat on her thighs and increase the roundness and size of her buttocks. She did see extra skin in the abdominal region and very full thighs and hips. Her goal was to have a smaller waistline and full buttocks. I created a low incision tummy tuck to remove the hanging skin, repair her muscles, which improved her definition nicely, and tightened the skin. The fat volume removed was 4.65 liters, and much of this fat was recycled to plump up her buttocks. A nice figure was achieved afterwards with a smaller waistline and hips. There was a dramatic reduction of her saddlebag area. The abdominal tissue removed weighed 1.3 kilos. Using my unique belly button creation approach I helped to achieve a nice result there too. I also used the state-of-art power assisted liposuction technique, which helped to reduce her recovery time.


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