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A healthy 24 year old lady from Phoenix, Arizona decided to discuss her goal of achieving a tummy tuck with me. She mentioned that her main issues included a very weak abdominal wall that involved a very large "pooch" and numerous stretch marks. I recommended a tummy tuck without lipo. She did not need liposuction as she was thin and petite. She did need a major repair of her abdominal musculature, as this was indeed what contributed to 95% of her "pooch" as seen in her before photos. In preparation for cosmetic surgery, we noted she is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs 120 pounds. After the operation, the most dramatic improvement occurs in the flatness seen in the after photos to the tummy. Indeed, the large "pooch" has been nicely resolved with the muscle work. To complement that, we removed a great deal of skin including numerous stretch marks, which results in a pleasant improvement, overall.


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