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A very pleasant 35 year old, who worked very hard at a local gym to get her body into shape, came to see me one day about performing a tummy tuck. She mentioned that after having kids the tummy became loose and fatty and no matter how hard she worked, it would not change and she decided to pursue plastic surgery. We decided on a mommy makeover in Phoenix that would include a tummy tuck, power assisted liposuction and fat injections to the buttocks. She liked that idea and we went ahead and did her abdominoplasty and liposuction. I took away 1.58 kilograms of tissue from the tummy using a very low incision, which healed nice and thin. Of course, most of the unwanted fat removed via lipo, was used to plump up her rear, which she also really enjoys. This included 5 liters of unwanted fat that she was unable to take away on her own at the gym. What a complement it is for her to see her new flat tight tummy with some good buttocks volume.


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