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A 27-year-old lady from Mesa, Arizona decided she wanted a mommy makeover. Overall, she had contemplated breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery for a total of 3 years. She had lost 120 pounds and was concerned about her breast becoming saggy. She also did not like the flabbiness that developed in the abdomen and hips.

She presented herself to my plastic surgery center located near Phoenix, Arizona to pursue her interests in breast augmentation, breast lift and tummy tuck. She pointed out that her breasts had sagged significantly when the weight started coming off. Her nipples actually pointed towards the ground. She wanted to have bigger breasts, but she also wanted breasts that looked less saggy. She wanted increased perkiness, but also a natural looking result after breast augmentation.

Her tummy skin was loose and had several rolls. She also wanted to get rid of the stretchmarks. She was concerned that she could no longer see her belly button. Her mommy makeover was performed as a combined tummy tuck, anchor pattern breast lift with saline filled implants. I used the very low incision tummy tuck technique and repaired the abdominal muscles. She had liposuction and an additional 1100 cc of unwanted fat was removed from the hips and flanks. A pain-reducing pump was placed for greater comfort.

Right at surgery, she was wearing a 36 DD and she requested to stay the same size. She is in good health, 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs 181 pounds. We placed 450 cc smooth round moderate plus saline filled breast implants when performing her breast lift.

She made an excellent recovery after her mommy makeover and remained at the surgery center overnight for greater comfort. She recently mentioned to me that her new figure gives her great confidence. She especially appreciates the tummy and her new belly button, which is now visible and, in her opinion, looks very natural.


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