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A 31-year-old lady from Tucson, Arizona came in for consultation at my medical office near Scottsdale, Arizona. She started thinking about plastic surgery after her last child. She reports that she lost her pre-pregnancy figure after the last baby. Now she has saggy breasts and a flabby tummy. She tried diet and exercise and did lose some weight, but is not happy with how the breast and tummy look. She has been working out hard and has not seen that much of a difference. She has decided that a mommy makeover is the best operation for her at this time. She would like to have a breast lift and breast implants. She used to be a C cup, but now is a B cup. Her goal is to be a small DD or full D cup. Her goal with the tummy is to have it be flat and smooth. Before surgery, she was in good health, measured 5 feet 1 inch and weighed 135 pounds. I designed a mommy makeover to accomplish her goals. Her mommy makeover combined an anchor breast lift, saline filled breast implants and tummy tuck. I used different size implants to achieve better symmetry. The smaller breast received a 400 cc moderate plus implant and the left breast received a 440 cc breast implant. An additional 700 cc of fat was removed from the hips and love handles through liposuction. She stayed at the plastic surgery recovery center overnight and recovered nicely from her mommy makeover. She is now a very full D cup and has a nice flat tummy. Since surgery, she has experienced a boost in her confidence.


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