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Breast Implant Sizes

Dr. Aldo Guerra will help you choose your desired breast implant size in Arizona.

Breast Implant Sizes

Breast implant sizes in Arizona.

Breast implants today can be round, high profile, medium profile, low profile, elliptical, anatomic, and tear-drop shape. The breast implant size range begins as low as 120 milliliters and goes up to 800 milliliters. The average breast implant size used in at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center is about 360 milliliters, but this varies from year to year. The outer shells come in two varieties, smooth and textured but smooth is the most common.

All of these different possibilities must be taken into consideration and it takes considerable experience to make the proper choice for each individual patient. Dr. Aldo Guerra specializes in breast implant placement in Arizona and he will help you choose the right implants for you at your consultation.

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Dr. Aldo Guerra will help you choose your desired size!

Breast implant sizes.

Choosing the right breast implant size is generally the most important decision a woman and her surgeon will make. Dr. Aldo Guerra, a noted Arizona plastic surgeon, will evaluate your existing breast tissue to determine if you have enough tissue to accommodate the desired size of breast implant. Being realistic and following your breast augmentation surgeon's recommendations is very essential for the best result possible.

What are the possible physical repercussions of breast implants that are "too big" for me?

With breast implants that are too large for the amount of breast tissue you have, the implants' edges may be visible through your skin after your operation or the breast implant may be more easily felt. You may also increase the risk of having surgical complications. Also, breast implants that are excessive in size may increase the effects of gravity on your body, which may cause your breasts to prematurely droop or sag.

Breast implants volume sizing system.

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