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Actual breast lift patient, before and after photo.

Breast lift or mastopexy breast surgery in Arizona?

The breast lift plastic surgery procedure is recommended by experienced Phoenix / Scottsdale breast lift surgeon Dr. Aldo Guerra when the breasts have lost their youthful volume and have become stretched and saggy. At this point, the nipples have dropped as well and in severe cases, the nipples may point straight to the ground. In youth, the perky breast is supported by strong internal ligaments and other connective tissue structures which give it a firm feel. After childbirth, severe weight loss, gravity and hormonal changes cause these ligaments to stretch and weaken the breast tissue which looses its firmness (atrophies) and becomes quite soft. The severity of sagginess will usually dictate which breast lift technique is used in an attempt to rejuvenate the fallen breast.

Breast Augmentation - Quick Facts

Average Length:2 - 3 Hours
Location:Certified Outpatient Center
or Specialty Hospital
Recovery:Back to work less than 2 weeks
Full exercise 6 weeks
Improving the Experience:3-Day Pain Reducing Pump
Am I a good Candidate?Healthy
No medical conditions that reduce wond healing
Unhappy with saggy breasts
Realistic goals and expectations

A saggy breast is usually, but not always, associated with excess skin and very soft (atrophied) glandular tissue that has lost its perkiness. Successful breast lift operations must produce a relative reduction of excess skin in order to tighten the breast and to lift it to a more youthful position. When skin is removed from the breast, incisions are made, which most often heal nicely, but occasionally can become troublesome. A board certified plastic surgeon with extensive training using careful surgery techniques can increase the chance of having favorable incisions for patients. Women should consider that when skin is removed from the breast, as in a breast lift operation, the overall size of the breast is reduced by about 15 to 25 percent, depending on which type of breast lift procedure is performed. If a woman wishes to have a breast lift and keep her current size, she will likely need placement of a breast implant, to add volume, at the time of her breast lift.

We mentioned above that saggy breasts are soft and atrophied and have lost their perkiness. One way to restore perkiness is to add a breast implant to the saggy breast alone or when a lift is being performed. Breast implants are relatively firm, do not change with weight or hormonal fluctuations and have other positive characteristics which can make the saggy breast look much younger. In some cases, when very little sagging is found and the breast skin is not excessive, placement of a breast implant alone, using a very sophisticated, state-of-the-art technique called internal breast lift can tighten, lift the breast and restore perkiness without external incisions. You may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • Breasts that are saggy, excessively long, wide and/or pendulous.
  • Breasts that are soft, lack substance or have lost firmness.
  • Breasts that are positioned below the breast crease.
  • Nipples that point downward, especially if they are positioned below the breast crease.

Breast Lift in Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona.

For each patient, we use a graduated approach and tailor the technique based on the amount of sagginess, horizontal and vertical dimensions of the breast. Included in this group of operations are procedures which can completely exclude the use of breast implants and rearrange the gland to mildly restore perkiness to the breasts, procedures where incisions are made only around the nipple, procedures where the incisions are only vertical and procedures which use traditional lollipop (Wise Pattern) incisions. Deciding which operation to use on your breasts requires a great deal of knowledge and experience in breast surgery. In general, breasts that are long and demonstrate significant vertical excess skin will require a horizontal skin resection to tighten the breast. Breasts that are wide and demonstrate significant horizontal skin excess will require vertical skin removal to tighten the breast. When breasts have both vertical and horizontal skin excess, the traditional lollipop incision is used which removes the vertical and horizontal excess. Currently, we employ 5 different breast lift techniques to treat most of our patients. Breast lifts are successful when used with or without breast implants. However, the combination of breast implants and breast lift breast surgery can successfully tighten your skin and perk up the breasts without affecting the overall size of the breasts. In some cases, a slight to moderate increase in breast size can be performed with the use of breast implants.

Actual breast lift patient, before and after photo.

Breast Lift with Implant Placement

When performing breast augmentation by itself, it takes great skill to place an implant correctly and achieve wonderful results. Similarly, it takes great skill to appropriately carry out a breast lift procedure by itself and re-establish a youthful looking breast. However, both of these plastic surgery operations have certain, relatively low levels of unpredictability when they are carried out by themselves. Unpredictability in plastic surgery originates from multiple factors, such as, individual wound healing factors, age, hormones and techniques used. When breast lifts are combined with implant placement (called implant-based breast lift in our practice) the variables that contribute to unpredictability are multiplied several fold. Increased unpredictability sometimes makes it more difficult to achieve predictable results. The experienced Scottsdale / Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Aldo Guerra can still be successful by using proven techniques that reduce the amount of unpredictability. Patients who wish to have a breast lift with implants performed together should understand that carrying out this combination of operations is more of a challenge and requires a tremendous amount of skill and experience, on the part of the surgeon, to achieve the best results. Most patients seen in our practice can have these procedures performed together as long as the anatomy, level of sagginess and tissue conditions favor a good outcome. On average, we carry out two to three implant-based breast lifts per week and have a formidable experience with the techniques mentioned above.

In certain cases, when the level of sagginess and tissue conditions are not favorable, we may recommend against using the combination of breast lift and breast implants during the same operation. Instead, we usually carry out placement of the breast implant first to give the tissues a chance to settle and improve. After 6 to 12 weeks, once tissues have settled, the second stage of the procedure (the lift) is carried out with greater predictability. While it is a disadvantage to have the procedure performed in two stages, the advantage is the ability to achieve much better results in patients who would otherwise have poor results with a one stage procedure. Patients who are likely to need two separate stages include those with severe sagginess, thin tissues, capsular contracture, sub-glandular implants, breast scars and those who already had a breast lift in the past.

Patient Testimonial

Dear Dr. Guerra,

It has been three years since you performed my surgery (tummy tuck with liposuction). I have often thought about you and felt bad I had not spoken with you after I went back to California. I finally found out where you had gone and congratulate you on your very own clinic!! I have never forgotten you and have always wanted to tell you how pleased I was with your work on me. I can only tell you it changed my life. Thank you again for being such a great plastic surgeon and also for your wonderful personality and caring attitude.

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Periareolar Breast Lift Before Surgery Periareolar Breast Lift After Surgery
Diagram: Periareolar breast lift incision lines.

Periareolar Breast Lift

When patients have a bit more sagginess and an internal lift will not take care of the issues, we often recommend a periareolar breast lift. A periareolar incision is made around the darker skin that surrounds the nipple and can be used to lift the breast and nipple into a higher position with or without breast implants. In most cases, women with saggy breasts also have wide nipples and areolas which are reduced to make them more proportionate with the rest of the breast size. This is often the ideal incision for such a situation. Healing of these incisions usually proceeds smoothly with incisions becoming relatively undetectable to the naked eye. If a breast implant is used it can be placed above or below the pectoral muscle using this technique.

The only limitation with this procedure is the amount of skin that can be removed. For instance, when the nipple has to be lifted by 2 to 4 centimeters, only a small amount of skin requires removal, and this incision works best. The limit of nipple elevation with the periareolar technique is about 6 centimeters, elevating the nipple beyond this amount will be difficult and creates too much tension on the skin closure. After the plastic surgery procedure, the breast appears a bit flat and there will be pleats in the skin around the nipple where the incision was made. Pleating and breast flatness eventually go away, but this can take from 6 to 18 weeks, depending on the amount of lift that was done. We prefer to use high-profile implants for most of our breast lifts because these provide greater breast projection and allow the breast to regain its round, natural shape sooner.

Vertical Breast Lift Before Surgery Vertical Breast Lift After Surgery
Diagram: Vertical Breast Lift incision lines.

Vertical Breast Lift

The vertical breast lift technique is ideally suited for saggy breasts that are wide and have a nipple that requires greater than 6 centimeters of lift. The vertical incision is made along with a periareolar incision. The breast gland can be reshaped and lifted through these incisions with or without the use of breast implants. With a vertical breast lift, the nipple can be lifted 6 to 10 centimeters. The wide breast skin is removed and the breast is molded into a more beautiful shape. Skin closure is made without creating a lot of tension. When there is little skin tension, there is usually great healing and, in most cases, the incisions begin to fade soon after breast surgery. The vertical incision technique can be used in patients who previously would have required a wise pattern or lollipop incision and is considered to be a state-of-the-art, minimal incision alternative to more extensive procedures.

Wise Pattern Breast Lift Before Surgery Wise Pattern Lift After Surgery
Diagram: Wise pattern breast lift incision lines.

Wise Pattern Breast Lift

This breast lift technique is reserved for breasts that have both vertical and horizontal skin excess and demonstrate great sagginess. It is the most extensive form of breast lift technique used by plastic surgeons, but can produce very predictable results. Nipple elevation can be accomplished nicely while achieving a great breast shape through this incision. Ultimately, incisions end up in the breast crease, around the areola and vertically in the front of the breasts. These incisions fade nicely with time. Women who need the wise pattern breast lift technique should not be disappointed when we recommend this procedure. The wise pattern incision is recommended in patients who will benefit the most from this form of breast lift technique. Ultimately, the beautiful breast shape that is established using these incisions make these patients the happiest at Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Reversing Nipple Inversion

Inversion of the nipples occurs in some patients. In the majority of cases, patients are born with this condition. Nipple inversion is bothersome to many individuals and a relatively simple procedure can be performed that will correct the condition. Correction of nipple inversion can be corrected by performed alone or in combination with breast augmentation or breast lift plastic surgery procedures.

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