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Accredited Medical Facilities

Choosing an accredited surgical facility for your cosmetic surgery is highly recommended.

Excellent facilities for plastic surgery in Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona.

Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Aldo performs surgical procedures only at accredited surgery facilities located in Scottsdale and Phoenix. Accredited facilities have received certification from a state or national organization and have passed rigorous external review of equipment and staff. The level of care at accredited facilities is comparable to the care received in hospitals and includes individual monitoring by skilled, licensed personnel, before, during and after your surgery procedure.

Surgical Facility in Scottsdale with Overnight Recovery Options
Surgical facility in Scottsdale with optional overnight
recovery rooms, courtesty of Scottsdale Healthcare.

Stay overnight in Scottsdale for your cosmetic surgery.

Current outpatient surgical facilities used by Dr. Aldo provide excellent care for all patients. Patients may lodge at the surgery facility for an overnight stay after the procedure is completed. All patients have the option of staying overnight after their plastic surgery procedure. The tummy tuck, body lift, thigh lift, facelift, breast augmentation and mommy makeover surgeries are popular cosmetic surgery procedures that may require an overnight stay.

Private Overnight Recovery Room
Your own private overnight recovery room,
courtesty of Scottsdale Healthcare.
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Arizona
Dr. Aldo recommends accredited
medical facilities in Arizona.

The benefits of staying overnight in your own private room in Scottsdale.

The overnight surgery facility provides around-the-clock care and monitoring by two or more skilled and licensed nurses in a relaxing environment. All rooms are private and equipped with an additional bed. Patients can choose to stay for up to 10 days. Dr. Aldo has hospital admission and operating privileges in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare and Phoenix Hospitals. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Arizona he continues to dedicate his efforts at providing the highest standard of care for all his patients.

More information on accredited medical facilities.

To find out about a facility's accreditation status, contact the AAAASF, the AAAHC or the JCAHO.