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State-of-the-Art Plastic Surgery Techniques

Dr. Aldo is at the forefront of new and advanced
techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery.

State-of-the-Art meet State-of-the-Art.

As a prominent Arizona cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Aldo believes in staying at the forefront of medicine and surgery, which allows him to provide for patients the most advanced and best care possible. New techniques and devices are developed regularly that can enhance the experience for all patients requesting elective plastic surgery. While the vast majority of techniques used by Dr. Aldo are well established, "tried and true" techniques, he makes new and valuable technological improvements available for all his patients.

Dr. Aldo Guerra a Plastic Surgeon in a Scottsdale Operating Room
Dr. Aldo in an operating room in Scottsdale.

embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy

Dr. Aldo offers embrace®, clinically proven to minimize scars.

Dr. Aldo Guerra Offers Embrace for Arizona Patients
Keller Funnel Arizona
Keller Funnel™ in Surgery.

The Keller Funnel™ and silicone gel breast implants in Arizona.

The Keller Funnel™ is a device a plastic surgeon uses to facilitate the placement of silicone gel breast implants during breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. Learn more about how Dr. Aldo uses the Keller Funnel™ in breast augmentation surgery in Scottsdale.

On-Q Pain Buster Pump
On-Q Pain Buster Pump.

On-Q Pain Buster® pump.

A recent advance has been the use of On-Q Pain Buster® pumps and the Patient Controlled Analgesia Pumps, which provide patients with significantly improved pain control beginning immediately after surgery. The pain pump is a popular option for tummy tucks, body lifts, thigh lifts and breast augmentation surgery.

Dermabond® Topical Skin Adhesive Complete Closure
Dermabond® logo, a topical skin adhesive which improves skin closure.

Dermabond® Topical Skin Adhesive.

Another technique used by Dr. Aldo includes the use of Dermabond®, a topical skin adhesive which improves skin closure. The sterile skin adhesive is applied to the incision at the end of surgery and as it dries it forms a strong and flexible bond that immediately seals your incision from the outside world. Dermabond® allows patients to have a closed incision without the use of external stitches, often times, improving patient comfort and cosmetic results.

INSORB® skin closure device
INSORB® skin closure device.

INSORB® skin closure device.

Dr. Aldo also regularly utilizes the INSORB® skin closure device, which received the Wall Street Journal's 2006 Technology Innovation Award, and is used to rapidly and efficiently close skin incisions. Incisions closed with this revolutionary device demonstrate a lower risk of infection and less inflammation which results in minimal scarring and better cosmetic results while reducing the time a patient spends under anesthesia.

Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona
Guerra Plastic Surgery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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