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Cosmetic Surgery Costs in Arizona

Learn about cosmetic surgery costs in Scottsdale or Phoenix.

Costs of plastic surgery in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Part of the preparation process for Arizona plastic surgery includes decisions on how to go about paying for your cosmetic surgery procedure. It is our policy to give patients a general range of the costs involved with their plastic surgery procedure. In general, the costs of plastic surgery include the plastic surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fees, plastic surgery facility fees, and surgical assist fees, implant fees, garment fees, equipment fees and other medical supply fees depending on the procedure. Out of courtesy to our patients and for their convenience, we provide postoperative plastic surgery garments and brassieres which are included in their fee.

Clearly, costs of plastic surgery are a major issue for most cosmetic surgery patients. Costs, however, should not be the sole reason for choosing your plastic surgeon. We recommend that you consider costs last and choose your Board Certified plastic surgeon based on qualifications, experience and whether or not you would be willing to put your life in his or her hands. Remember, you are asking somebody to make permanent changes to your body. Avoid plastic surgeons offering bargain prices. This usually means that they have cut corners to achieve a lower price (usually at the expense of patient safety) or that they are not busy or less qualified to do surgery.

Dr. Aldo’s plastic surgeon fees in Arizona.

We have a standard schedule of fees for the plastic surgery procedures we perform. In general, the plastic surgeon’s fees will vary depending on the qualifications and experience of the plastic surgeon. The degree of difficulty of a particular plastic surgery procedure and the type of plastic surgery procedure that you are having can also influence the surgical fee. Because of our excellent reputation, many patients seek us out to obtain second opinions after they have had cosmetic surgery by someone else. Frequently, these cases are much more complicated and successful plastic surgery operations in these situations are harder to achieve. Revision plastic surgery to correct problems created elsewhere will usually lead to increased surgical fees.

MD Anesthesiologists for Plastic Surgery in AZ
Dr. Aldo recommends MD anesthesiologists for plastic surgery.

Anesthesia fees for plastic surgery

Anesthesia is necessary to perform plastic surgery. Anesthesiologists require compensation for administering anesthesia and for monitoring your vital signs during the plastic surgery procedure. Anesthesiologists have a standard schedule of fees for each plastic surgery procedure, which are billed separately from the plastic surgeon’s fees.

Dr. Guerra a Plastic Surgeon in a Scottsdale Operating Room
Dr. Aldo in an operating room in Scottsdale.

The plastic surgery facility fees in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Plastic surgery outpatient centers have a standard schedule of fees for each plastic surgery procedure. Plastic surgery fees at outpatient centers are usually much lower than hospital-based fees. Most plastic surgery outpatient centers offer excellent plastic surgery services for the price. These charges are separate and apart from the plastic surgeon’s fees and are always billed separately from the physician's services.

Expenses not covered in your elective cosmetic surgery quote.

A visit to your personal physician for a checkup prior to cosmetic surgery to make sure that you are healthy enough to undergo elective plastic surgery. A complete examination from your eye doctor prior to eyelid surgery is required. Medications used after plastic surgery, such as, oral antibiotics, muscle relaxants and pain pills. Second stage and other supportive garments used after the second postoperative week are not included in your plastic surgery quote as well as any laboratory fees.

The laboratory fees prior to cosmetic surgery.

We require a proper laboratory and medical workup for all our plastic surgery patients. Most cosmetic surgery patients will undergo basic tests, such as a complete blood count and chemistry panel. Other plastic surgery patients will require a baseline electrocardiogram, chest radiographs or mammograms. Female plastic surgery patients are required to have a pregnancy test if they are capable of becoming pregnant anytime before plastic surgery. The fees for most laboratory examinations are reasonable and are billed separately from the plastic surgeon’s fee. All plastic surgery patients are given instructions for obtaining laboratory tests prior to their scheduled surgery. Most plastic surgery patients have their labs drawn at one of the many laboratory locations for LabCorp, Sonora Quest or Lab Express in Arizona. If you are having labs drawn elsewhere, please fax your results two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date.

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