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Cosmetic Surgery Centers in Arizona

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The plastic surgery surgical faciltiy in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

We prefer to perform our plastic surgery procedures at several certified plastic surgery outpatient or inpatient surgery centers conveniently located in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. The plastic surgery surgical facilities are State-of-the-Art and Certified. They are equipped with the most modern equipment available. The surgical facilities adhere to the highest safety standards available. When plastic surgery patients are in good health, they are usually given the option to choose between hospital-based plastic surgery facilities and one of the outpatient plastic surgery centers. Because the costs are generally much less at the plastic surgery outpatient centers, most patients choose this option. When it is in the best interest of our plastic surgery patients, we perform procedures in a hospital. We have privileges to perform plastic surgery at several Phoenix and Scottsdale hospitals.

We will recommend whether your plastic surgery procedure should be performed at the outpatient plastic surgery center or at an inpatient hospital. In either case you should be prepared to remain near the surgical site until we feel that it is wise for you to return home. We can arrange for a sitter to accompany you following dismissal from the cosmetic surgery.

MD Anesthesiologists for Plastic Surgery in AZ
Dr. Guerra recommends MD anesthesiologists for plastic surgery.

Board Certified MD anesthesiologists for plastic surgery.

To ensure the highest safety for all of our patients, Phoenix / Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Guerra has chosen to exclusively utilize Board Certified MD anesthesiologists to deliver the required anesthesia for scheduled plastic surgery cases. Our preferred anesthesia physicians typically have been in practice to 10 to 20 years and are certified in their specialty. Many of our anesthesiologists also practice at local hospitals and are very well trained in modern anesthesia techniques.

Scheduling plastic surgery with Dr. Guerra.

After your plastic surgery consultation, when a plan has been agreed upon by both parties involved, a surgery date will be saved for you on Dr. Guerra's plastic surgery schedule. A non-refundable $500.00 deposit is required to guarantee that particular date for you, and is due when you are ready to schedule the date on our schedule. We will make every attempt to coordinate our schedule with your wishes, but it helps you to have a general idea about your future plans prior to scheduling your plastic surgery. We encourage you to look at your schedule and select some potential surgery dates. In addition, we recommend that you look into the medical requirements, laboratory tests and to start planning for your pre-surgery and post-surgery care. At the AB Guerra Plastic Surgery Center, our professional patient coordinators, can make your plastic surgery reservation over the phone. Unavoidably, schedules can change, yours and ours, but please notify us immediately if a change arises which might necessitate rescheduling as soon as possible. Rescheduling fees may apply.

Dr. Guerra a Plastic Surgeon in a Scottsdale Operating Room
Dr. Guerra and surgical techs in an operating room in Scottsdale, AZ.

Instructions for the day and night before your cosmetic surgery.

We advise that you plan ahead so that you can be as comfortable as possible after plastic surgery. Be sure that you have picked up your prescriptions by this date and check that you have everything before leaving the pharmacy. Stop by a local market and stock up on your favorite foods. Pick up plenty of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, crackers and soups. These items are easy to make and they are easy for your body to digest after plastic surgery. Doing this now will save you the trouble of getting it on the evening of surgery or the next day. Remember, after plastic surgery we are going to ask that you stay well hydrated and you’ll need plenty to drink. Favorite foods are usually allowed after 1-2 days to perk up your appetite.

It is normal to have some nervousness the night before plastic surgery. We believe that the more informed you are about your plastic surgery procedure, the more relaxed you will be, although some apprehension is the standard. Eat a light dinner at about 8 p.m. We usually prescribe a sleeping pill and recommend that you use it to get a good night sleep. By doing so you should sleep better and be more relaxed in the morning. You can eat and drink up until midnight, but you should never eat or drink anything after midnight the night before scheduled plastic surgery. Be sure that you follow any instructions given to you at your preoperative visit and that you bring those with you to the plastic surgery center.

Instructions for the day of your cosmetic surgery.

Bring the instructions you received at the preoperative visit with you and follow them carefully. Don’t forget to bring your prescriptions with you. These medications can be used in the recovery room and will help keep you comfortable and relaxed following plastic surgery. Wear something comfortable to the plastic surgery center, like a jogging suit that buttons or zips up in the front. Be sure that you have made arrangements for someone to drive you home after plastic surgery. Arrange for a responsible adult to stay with you the night of plastic surgery. If you would like a sitter to stay with you, we will be glad to arrange this for you. Do not apply makeup the morning of surgery, especially eye makeup. Bring Identification with you, but leave your jewelry and other valuables at home.

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