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A 28-year-old woman from Phoenix, Arizona was looking for a proportional and natural breast enhancement with a teardrop shape. She commented that she was slightly saggy but did not want to have a breast lift. After going to several consultations, she was left feeling confused – some surgeons recommended she get a breast augmentation while others recommended a breast lift and a small breast implant. We explained to her that she was a candidate for both procedures and the right choice was based on the desired result. A natural teardrop breast would be most likely accomplished using a dual plane technique, while a very high and full breast would require a breast lift.

After answering her questions, she chose to go with breast augmentation using large saline breast implants. She wanted to have a full D cup after cosmetic surgery, that was bigger, but not too big for her small frame of 5 feet 4 inches, 132 pounds. Although it was more than we recommended based on her request, she chose 500 cc breast implants. They were still appropriate to fulfill her goals. She had moderate profile saline breast implants placed under the muscles with a dual plane technique and using a crease incision. She now has all the confidence because her breasts are nicely proportioned to her body.


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