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Another wonderful example on ways that silicone breast implants can reverse the changes that affect breasts after pregnancy can be seen with this 43-year-old mom who was forced to wear a padded bra for years just to get to a 32B cup. Upon examination, she was more of an A cup and her decision was to go into a 32C cup for her 5 feet 4 inches and 125 pound frame. She did not want to be any bigger than that, but did want better cleavage and to have the solid upper breasts that she enjoyed before having children. The two 375 cc moderate plus silicone breast implants under the muscles via breast crease incisions by the dual plane technique. This technique created breasts that look solidly round and balanced, with full upper and lower breast poles. At two months from her breast augmentation surgery, she looks balanced and beauty has been restored in a natural manner.


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