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This 43-year-old mom came in regarding breast implants for small and deflated breast after two kids. With pregnancy, her breasts became smaller and deflated to the point that she felt she might need a breast lift. Her goal was to achieve a natural and proportionate enhancement to a small C cup and no bigger. Upon examination, we found she did have very significant deflation, but not saggy breasts so she would not need a lift. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and 115 pounds.

During the breast augmentation surgery, a 300 cc high profile silicone breast implant was placed on the smaller right breast and a 375 cc high profile silicone breast implant on the left side using a crease incision. She was very happy with the breast size achieved and wears a small C cup bra. Two months after surgery, you can see beautiful result with just the right volume, improved cleavage, and nice symmetry.


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