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A charming 20 year old lady came to the office with her husband and consulted with me about breast implants. She truly never developed breasts beyond a B cup. She was recently wearing an A plus cup and wanted bigger. She was very concerned about her breast asymmetry chose to go with saline breast implants to achieve improved symmetry and a firmer. more fake look to her breasts. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and had significant asymmetry of her chest due to scoliosis. She did weigh in at 130 pounds. Establishing nice cleavage was done by creating a nice central pocket and placing 470 cc of normal saline on the smaller left breast and 450 cc of saline on the right side. Combined with the moderate plus profile breast implants helped to achieve outstanding symmetry and roundness. She now wears a solid 34D plus cup that truly complements her proportions and has given her confidence.


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