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A very nice 46 year old mom came in requesting a mommy makeover which would include for her a tummy tuck as well as silicone breast implants. With the tummy, she had two major concerns common to all moms after pregnancy. The first had to do with her loose abdominal skin which was excessive and had developed into a flap hanging down below her belt. The other concern had to do with her muscle weakness. This was also remarkable and just like she had carried her kids "high" she now had developed a "high pooch". Before the cosmetic surgery of the breasts and tummy, she is 5 feet 6 inches and 165.5 pounds. Her goal was to achieve the flattest tummy with an hourglass shape. I carried out the tummy tuck with power assisted liposuction of the waistline at a local Scottsdale plastic surgery center. The operation removed 1.179 kilograms of skin and fat just from the tummy. A triple layered muscle repair was carried for the extensive separation that was encountered. Combined with lipo yielding 650 cc of fat, all this adds up to a nice, but dramatic improvement in the abdominal appearance which her pictures at 3 months nicely demonstrate.


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