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Here is another athletic 29 year old mom who was in great shape, but not fully pleased with her tummy when she came to see me about it. She actually requested a mommy makeover, but the main focus for her was the tummy tuck. We planned to repair the weak muscles which contributed greatly to her "pooch" and also to remove the loose skin left over from pregnancies. In terms of her operation, everything went very nicely, and I was able to create a very nice tummy. No liposuction was needed. She especially liked the tight tummy muscles which she began to use, once again, after about 2 months from surgery. All of this has allowed her to improve her figure and now her tummy nicely complements her active and athletic lifestyle. She is no longer self-conscience about her tummy. The photos taken 8 months after surgery really show how good she looks after cosmetic surgery.


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