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This is the wonderful story of an extremely nice patient who lost a great deal of weight before deciding to request a tummy tuck from my plastic surgery office. She had topped out at 345 pounds, but came to the consultation only weighing in at 212 pounds. She had lost 123 pounds with the help of laparoscopic banding. She did request a tummy tuck as part of a Phoenix mommy makeover. When I met her, she was 41 years old and told me her tummy was really loose, flabby, and hung down. For her case, I performed an extended tummy tuck which removed the loose skin and allowed her to achieve a tighter tummy. I did repair the muscle weakness as well. I carried this out gently and easily and I did place a pain reducing pain pump for 72 hours to make her quite comfortable. The tissue I removed from the abdomen alone weighed more than 3 kilograms. In addition, a medial thigh lift was carried out at the same time. All of this resulted in a vast reduction of the waistline and drastic improvements in her figure.


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