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In this area we have a 48 year old lady from Scottsdale, Arizona who requested body lift or belt lipectomy, arm tuck, thigh lift and liposuction after experiencing major weight loss. She had lost over 110 pounds and was concerned about the excess hanging skin in the tummy, arms and thighs. She had seen other plastic surgeons in Arizona and California before coming to my medical office. She consulted with me at my plastic surgery office near Scottsdale, Arizona. Just before her extended tummy tuck, arm tuck and thigh lift surgery she is 5 feet 4 inches and 163 pounds. We had a very long discussion about her wishes. She felt that I listened carefully to her desires and decided to choose me as her plastic surgeon. She had cosmetic surgery after major weight loss performed at a local Arizona surgery center. During her surgery I removed an additional 18 pounds of skin and fat. I tightened her tummy muscles and improved the physical appearance of her body. She weighed 145 pounds in the before and after photos. She told me recently how nice her thighs look and that the operation was totally worth it.


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