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A very nice 25 year old from Scottsdale, Arizona arrived at my office near Phoenix, Arizona with an interest in mommy makeover. During pregnancy she had gained large breasts and was a 38 C cup. She did a great job at loosing the baby weight. She came to the medical office thinking about breast augmentation and tummy tuck for years. We sat down and discussed her priorities. She wanted a tight tummy with strong muscles and for me to remove the loose skin. After I examined her, I found she was a good candidate for cosmetic surgery and offered a mommy makeover type I, including breast augmentation and a very low incision tummy tuck to remove the loose skin from pregnancy. Before her cosmetic surgery, she is 5 feet 3 inches and 140 pounds. Her operation was performed at a local Arizona plastic surgery center and a pain reducing pump for the greatest comfort. Her breast augmentation was performed using saline high profile breast implants placed through a crease incision and under the muscle. The tummy tuck was performed using a very low incision technique and the abdominal muscles were tightened. Her recovery was smooth after her mommy makeover. She is shown 2 months after the operation.


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Breast Surgery Seminar - 10/18
Breast Surgery Seminar - 10/18

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